Working with problem horses is what I do best - watching a horse go from complete fear or piggish nature, from poor or inexperienced handling, into a soft giving and fearless partner who wants to do and achieve what is being asked of them.

Understanding and honest communication is the key to start any relationship. Then comes trust and respect through the horse and actually understanding just what it is we are asking.

I have several horses that started as either dangerous or so fearful they will jump fences to get away and those that try to attack through fear to protect themselves or simply because they were never asked to show or given a reason to be respectful of their handlers.


Watching a horse grow in confidence in not just you but themselves also, is one of the most rewarding things I get to do. The change - even as you approach their paddock from looking at you with uncertainty and not wanting to come up at all, to coming to meet you, looking eager to do what activities you have planned.

To me I don’t want them to see me as someone that rocks up to make them perform and then put them away. I want them to enjoy what they do. It is never nice to be forced to do something we don’t understand or become fearful about.

There is no reason why you can not start a horse in their training allowing them to learn at a speed that suits the horses ability to learn and not at our need to just make them do it. I will not force a horse past it capabilities. What I do, is teach the horse what it is capable of doing and then help it build in confidence each new step and task as we are asking them to do.

It is not easy for some horses to accept the constraints of halters, bridles and saddles, let alone accept being held and just lead around. All of these things we expect of them goes against their natural instinct that tells it to flee when in fear and when they can not flee when cornered or restrained can result in them fighting us. This to me is not teaching or training the horse it, is merely dominating them till they either give up or simply submit.

Here at Dove Haven we strive to educate the horse allowing them to accept and understand what we are asking. When working with horses we take our time to allow them to understand what it is we are trying to get them to do and accept.

Training fees:

  • Starting ground work and under saddle training - $230 per week.

  • Ground manners training - $190 per week.

  • Training sessions - $70 per hour.

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